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Since colonial times, the music of the Colombian Pacific has been the expression of an entire people, through it the path to freedom, memory, and remembrance of its ancestors was found. It continues to be a voice against oppression.

The Pacific lives deeply in each one of us, its traditions and customs are part of our feelings. It is important today to also mention that peace is an opportunity to heal the debt we have with our Afro-Colombians. May peace and social justice be the guarantee of a dignified future for all.

Angelica Castro


Education for peace

We had the opportunity to interview Natalia Jimenez, executive director of Somos CaPAZes. Somos CaPAZes is a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate and innovate for peace in Colombia and other countries worldwide, such as Honduras and Kenya. If you want to know more, visit https://www.somoscapazes.org/

Find out what Somos Capazes does and the programs they have.

Education for peace 1/2

Find out how Somos CaPAZes has been able to reach children, giving them tools to solve conflicts and, therefore, building peace.

Education for peace 2/2


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