Who we are

Academics building peace

In the context of a conflict as long and complex as the Colombian one, the signing of the peace agreement between the FARC-EP guerrilla and the Colombian Government is considered an opportunity to solve the structural causes of the conflict, opening the doors for peace and reconciliation.

OigoPaz is an interdisciplinary observatory that promotes the knowledge about the Colombian conflict, the recent peace agreement, and the peace initiatives along the country. Our members are located both in Germany and Colombia. 


Our goal is to participate in the process of peacebuilding in Colombia. 


Laura Jula


Student and researcher in the area of statistical mathematics and its applications to biochemistry. Programmer in R.

I am interested in gender issues and that is why I am part of the organizing team of R-ladies Göttingen chapter that aims to create more diversity in the programming field. I was also an equal opportunity representative for my faculty.

I have been with OigoPaz from the beginning because I believe that we can all contribute to peace-building through an interdisciplinary approach.

Luis Carlos Palomino Forero

Political Scientist

Master in Global politics. As a professional I have had a constant concern for pedagogy as a political problem, which has led me to work and research on this topic in the context of Bogota.

My work experience has been in the classroom as a teacher of pre-ICFES/pre-UNAL courses, accompanying the work of social movements, and as an advisor in political campaigns for mayors, chamber of representatives, and council of Bogota.

From my perspective, participating in OigoPaz is a moral obligation to our country and humanity, trying from the local and immediate to transform the social dynamics to improve the lives of as many people as possible, using the academy from a critical perspective.

Ana María Vergel León

Medical Doctor

I am a medical specialist in epidemiology. I have a master's degree in cardiovascular sciences and I am currently pursuing a doctorate in the area of cardiology and human physiology.

I am interested in supporting entrepreneurship in Colombia and work in the construction of strategies for the implementation of a culture of peace.

I believe that in OigoPaz there is a space for the development of innovative ideas based on interdisciplinary work and the research of new strategies to contribute to peace.

Till Schlosser

Political Scientist

Political scientist with a focus on human rights, conflict resolution and peace-building. Interested in the intersection between transitional justice, socio-economic reform and participative peace-building and their contribution to peace and reconciliation.

I have work experience with human rights and peace-building organizations in Germany and Colombia, and in the management of cultural and political projects.

The building of peace is a societal effort in which everyone has a role to play. The creation and dissemination of knowledge about conflicts is part of my role. That is why I joined OigoPaz.

Carolina Segura

Environmental Engeneer

Environmental Engineer / Candidate for a Master's Degree in Social Responsibility and Sustainability.

I have worked for the last 12 years in the private sector, especially in areas of consulting, education and project management. I volunteered for 5 years through the Sura Foundation as a jury member of the Ventures contest which supports the development of social impact ventures, within the category of innovation. Today I work in sustainable development consulting.

I joined OigoPaz because I am convinced that we are all agents of change who have the possibility to contribute to peace.

Aida Gomez

Business Administrator

Business administrator with a master's degree in Global Markets, Local Creativities.

Experience in business start-up support, administrative and organizational support, customer service and sales. Volunteering in pedagogical support to community mothers, girls and youth, as well as assistance to girls with physical and/or mental disabilities.

I am in OigoPaz because I believe that it is everyone's responsibility to inform themselves and seek ways of political participation to improve a society, or at least to have informed and democratic debates on how to improve the country.

Iván Beltrán


Biologist and microbiologist with a PhD in ecology, evolution and behavior.

I have worked mainly in academia as a researcher and teacher and as an independent consultant. I am interested in the design and application of technological solutions that guarantee productivity and ecological sustainability of agricultural initiatives, especially in rural areas.

I am part of OigoPaz because I consider it necessary to promote spaces for dialogue in the search for peace in Colombia. I believe it is essential to discuss how the armed conflict has affected the Colombian countryside and biodiversity.

Laura Grisales Rendón


Lawyer, Master of Laws (LL.M) in Intellectual Property Law and Information Technology. Legal director of 'Lynceus Law Firm'.Currently PhD student at the University of Göttingen, researching on the impact of the obligation of transparency and algorithmic explanation in automated decision systems.

OigoPaz allows me to fulfill what I feel is my duty as a citizen, to contribute to the construction of peace in Colombia.

Leslye Dias Duran


Undergraduate degree in philosophy and master's degree in applied ethics with a focus on bioethics and climate change. Currently pursuing a PhD on the ethical considerations of artificial intelligence in medicine.

I am interested in issues related to forgiveness in the framework of transitional justice, the impact of new technologies on human rights, and ethics in climate change.

I am part of OigoPaz because I believe that we all have an individual responsibility to ensure the truth and the effective implementation of the Havana agreement.

Kimberly O´Connor


Certified in parliamentary law and political negotiations, diploma in total-quality-management, and master’s degree in International Law and Business. I am currently studying a LL.M. (Master of Laws) program with a special focus on international humanitarian law.

I have 4 years of political experience in the National Congress of Honduras.

More than 2 years of experience in administrative and banking law. 3 years of teaching experience, and more than 2 years of experience in social volunteering.

I joined the OigoPaz team because I believe that we are all called to do our bit to strengthen and promote peace-building no matter what platform we are on.

Carolina Ocampo Ariza


Doctoral student researching wildlife ecosystem services in tropical agricultural systems.

I am interested in improving the conditions of diversity, equity and inclusion in science for researchers from the global south, especially women.

I am part of OigoPaz because I consider it imperative that science has a more central role in decision making in Colombia. A lasting peace must simultaneously ensure quality of life for rural populations and the conservation and sustainable use of the country's biodiversity.

Angelica Castro

I have worked in the non-profit sector, in the financial, administrative, and project areas. I had the experience of assisting the Nasa indigenous people in Norte del Cauca, Colombia, developing social projects and conservation strategies. I have also been a volunteer in the ZTN of Magdalena Medio.

I joined OigoPaz because I believe it is essential to be part of processes that generate and promote spaces for dialogue, reflection and advocacy for peace.

Industrial Engineer

Ramin Amouei

Non-Profit Administrator

I am currently studying for a master's degree in non-profit management.

I have worked with communities in areas affected by the conflict (such as Norte del Cauca, Colombia) identifying the existing impacts, seeking to strengthen social processes, as well as co-creating ideas to dignify their lives.

I joined OigoPaz because I believe that people should know the situation Colombia is going through and the challenges its population faces. Peace for me is the only alternative and I want to contribute my grain of sand to promote the processes that are currently underway.

Tatiana Orozco Garcia

Development Economist

I am currently a PhD student in economics. My main research topics are conflict and behavioral economics. My research projects are related to the implementation of peace agreements and the reintegration of ex-combatants after an armed conflict.

I joined OigoPaz because I believe that it is necessary as Colombians to start contributing to peace in a concrete way.

Juliane Zeyen


By investigating everything that characterizes the human being, ethnology offers a transdisciplinary and transcultural perspective when engaging with the theme of conflict and peace. In my opinion, plurality and diversity, which are also present in OigoPaz, are the key to promote a social transformation that includes everyone. Focusing on a career as a translator, I am also interested in communication processes, cultural mediation and integration through language.

Paola Valbuena

Lawyer and philosopher

I am currently pursuing a master's degree in International Law at the Universidad de los Andes and Education at the Universidad Pedagogica. From both fields I have considered the importance of working in the construction and research around strategies for the implementation of a culture of peace. Particularly, I have focused on the importance of conceiving education as the backbone to work on conflict resolution.

Hence, my membership in OigoPaz is focused on being able to contribute, from the research field, the analysis of the SIVJRNR, especially in relation to rural areas, food sovereignty and education.