Education for peace

We had the opportunity to interview Natalia Jimenez, executive director of Somos CaPAZes. Somos CaPAZes is a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate and innovate for peace in Colombia and other countries worldwide, such as Honduras and Kenya. If you want to know more, visit

Education for peace 1/2

Find out what Somos Capazes does and the programs they have.

Education for peace 2/2

Find out how Somos CaPAZes has been able to reach children, giving them tools to solve conflicts and, therefore, building peace.

Fashion, Peace, and Entrepreneurship!

We had two incredible interviews with two young entrepreneurs whose fashion companies contribute to peace in Colombia. We invite you to get to know more about them and support these ventures. Because a responsible purchase is a way to say YES to peace in Colombia!

Interview with Manifiesta

 In this live interview, we had the chance to talk to Angela Herrera, representing the Colombian fashion brand "Manifiesta, hecho en Colombia". The products of Manifiesta are manufactured by Ex- FARC members and victims of the conflict. Hence, they are supporting the process of reincorporation of Ex-FARC members and  contributing to a lasting peace in Colombia.


Interview with Ágave e Mulié

In this live interview, we had the chance to talk to Natalia Amaya, representing the Colombian brand "Ágave y Mulié". This brand promotes Colombian cultural traditions by producing and marketing hand-woven products made from natural fibers. Their initiative works with inhabitants of a region heavily affected by the Colombian conflict. It is, therefore, supporting lasting peace in Colombia.


Interview with Santiago Cano Salazar 1/4

There are many ways to support peace in Colombia; one of them is to get to know and promote the different business ventures created by ex-combatants as a result of the peace process. In order to deepen our understanding, we invited David Santiago Cano Salazar - a leader of initiatives for the construction of peace in Colombia, to tell us a little about the stories surrounding these dynamics, the challenges faced by the ex-combatant population, and to recognize the mechanisms to support them from civil society. 

Interview with Santiago Cano Salazar 3/4

Santiago Cano Salazar shares his thoughts on the obstacles ex-combatants face in building their business ventures. He also shares a moving example of one ex-combatant which helps to understand the humans behind the conflict. 

Interview with Santiago Cano Salazar 2/4

Santiago Cano Salazar shares his perspective on the compliance with the peace agreement, international support for business initiatives of ex-combatants and the politicization of the peace process. He also gives advice for all of us who want to be part of a successful peace process.

Interview with Santiago Cano Salazar 4/4

Santiago Cano tells us about organizations that are supporting the peace process, how interested people can get involved in volunteering or create their own volunteering, and shares different ways in which the civil society can support peace initiatives.

Legal and Psychosocial Assistance to Victims - Who is Solivida? 

Our partner Solivida presents their work.

The NGO visited us in the winter of 2019

as they received the Franco-German

human rights prize "Antonio Nariño"

Forcibly Displaced Families in Times of COVID-19 | Solivida Shares its Perspective

Solivida Shares its Perspective on the situation of displaced families in the Cali-region and the issues they are facing. 


The movie "Ciro y Yo" follows Ciro.

All his life he has been persecuted by war and desolation. Like many Colombians, Ciro is a survivor who has fled the war for almost six decades, and the only thing he longs for is to be able to live his final years in peace.

Cinema Forum - "Ciro y Yo" 

Febuary 8th 2019

The Visit from Solivida 

November 7th 2019

SOLIVIDA is a non-governmental organization located in the city of Cali - Colombia with extensive experience in working with displaced people.

- Solivida has been assisting families who have been victims of the armed conflict for more than 24 years. Its work was recognized with the French-German Human Rights Award "Antonio Nariño- 2018".

- During the last year, Solivida identified a group of 200 families recently displaced to Cali by the conflict.

- Solivida has been addressing their legal and psychosocial needs since the middle of last year. They now need to support these families with food, education, and tools in the face of the COVID19 pandemic since these families are more vulnerable than other population. 

-OigoPaz had an event to share Solivida's experiences and knowledge with academics. Also, we have had funding campaigns to support their ongoing needs.

In the context of the festival Latinknows at the University of Göttingen OigoPaz organized a photo competition.

Enjoy the shortlist of the top photos! 

Photography Competition

March 23-25 2019